Wednesday, February 25, 2009

11 Months!

WOW!! Lane man is 11 months today, and wow is all I can say!! I can't believe that in one very short month he will be a year!!! It's crazy how fast it goes by. He is becoming a "big boy" more and more every day! In honor of this occassion here are the Top 11 things I love about Lane....

1. His big smile.
2. The way he loves his daddy.
3. How every time when I walk in the door at daycare, he spots me and smiles!
4. His small little curls that are appearing on the back and side of his head.
5. How he gets excited every time he hears the water run.
6. How he walks with his hands up.
7. How every once in a while he will give me one of his Cheerios.
8. His big milk belly.
9. How he loves to eat oatmeal cream pies with Paul.
10. When he makes his high pitched squeal.
and number 11.... how much joy and happiness I get every time I look at his sweet, handsome little face!!

P.S. I am already (and honestly have been for awhile now) in party planning mode!! I want to give him the best 1st birthday! Even though he may not remember every detail, it's all about looking back one day and seeing how much everyone loved him! Anyway his party is all set for March 29th! I'll be posting more on that later!!

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stephanie said...

I bet the party will be fantastic!! Let me know if you need a shirt (:
Oh, and both of your fabrics came today...they are pretty! So far yours are the only ones I have both of so I guess I'll get started on the bag ;)