Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twlight Craze!

So the countdown is officially ON!! Three more days until the highly anticipated Twlight movie comes out! Not since Harry Potter (which I also loved very dearly) has there been this much hype about a book series turned movie! Though much of the world has just recently been exposed to the greatness of Twlight I must take you back about three years ago when a friend of mine first introduced our "Book Club" to Twlight!! Yes I am a book nerd and yes I have other friends who love to read as much as I do! At school we started a book club and a friend had recently read the book and after much urging we all finally broke down and read the book. Of course we all fell in love with it and ever since we have been this Twlight loving group! We have discussed together, debated together, and yes, anxiously waited for each new release of the series together! So needless to say, for us, this movie has been a long time coming, and has alot to live up to!!

The neatest thing about our passion...okay obssession ...over this series is that we have caught the interest of the students at our school! Back track with me a minute...last year so many of us teachers and staff were reading the book that we decided to make Twlight shirts! We all wore them on the same days and sure enough it sucked the kids in and they began asking us about this book! Now a year later, and yes the series is now well known, but everywhere you look, a student has one of the books in hand! Our library cannot keep it on the shelf! How amazing is it that we have inspired the students to just pick up the book and then Meyer pulled them in with her awesome story!

This is our group picture of us Twlight fans from last year!

Our school is renting our a local theater for a special movie night just for our group! We have over 70 people coming! However we have to wait until Monday night to see it!
If you haven't read this should!


stephanie said...

you people are crazy!!!!
Actually, that is just my jealousy talking since I'm not in the super-cool Twilight club. (:

I still haven't made it through the third book...

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about Monday!! I love that we have the whole theater to ourselves, no strangers - everyone who will be there has been personally invited by someone from CVMS. I've gotta remember to charge my camera batteries so that we can take some great pics of the fun!!