Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Things

It's Thursday already!? Another week passes by and what a historic week its been! Here in the Furr house, change is also definetely on the horizon! Now I'm sure one day Lane will look back at this and wonder why I am posting pictures of his bottom all over the web, but I can't help it!

Now that Lane is mobile, he is everywhere and into everything that is in his path!! Well in the past couple of days Paul and I have caught him actually trying to "get up"...not exactely standing but sure trying! I caught some pics of him on his hands and trying to lift his bottom in the air. He doesn't make it any farther than that, but I have a feeling we are going to have an early walker on our hands!! "What do I do now?"

So funny!

These books are the first things Lane goes to after being put on the floor!

"HAHA, I got em!"
This is Lane's signature pose...on his side with his hand on his leg!!

First time in a shopping cart sitting like a big boy!!


Dawn said...

I forgot to tell you...Crystal's husband, Blair, found baby Riley standing on their kitchen table!! Oh, the things you have to look forward to!

Kensie said...

Tara, we're sitting here while Tyler is sleeping and looking at blogs. Mom and Brandon just smiled so big when I showed them Lane's pictures! HE'S SO CUTE!!

Kensie said...

I've been amazed at how good he's been since he's been home! The only time he cries is when we're changing his diaper! He's such a cuddler and we LOVE that!!! I'm moving slow; I almost had to have a C-section but thankfully, I didn't. However, it's hard for me to not get around like I'm used to. I'm sure it gets easier, but my body is definitely letting me know if I move too quickly!