Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not Much Going On...

Not much has been going on the past week. Just hanging around enjoying summer! So here are a couple of pictures of little man from the past week!I mentioned in a previous post that we were starting cereal with Lane at night, a small amount! He really likes it and suprisingly he does really well eating from a spoon! Majority of it ends up either on his face or in his lap! It's giving me a small taste of what baby food will be like!
This is Lane's new toy! For a long time now, all Lane wants to do when you hold him is stand up on your lap! And he loves to kick his little legs! So we thought it was time to get him a jumper....and boy does he love it! His little legs just go to town in is so funny to watch!

Playing too hard during tummy time!!!

Loving his baths!

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