Friday, July 25, 2008

4 Months Old!

Today Lane is four months! Look at my precious little boy!!Not a whole lot has changed in the past four weeks, but there are some new things happening.
Lane is now reaching and grabbing at objects. He is setteled into a pretty good bedtime routine. He sleeps on average about 7-8 hours straight at night. When propped up, he is trying to lean forward. He loves loves loves to stand! Being helped of course!
He is getting so long now. Look at those little leg rolls!

This is his new thing. He makes his lips do this and he hums , if thats what you call it. At times he will make this noise for about ten minutes or so! It is so funny but, I'm not gonna lie, can get a bit irritating! But yea, this is his new face!
We go for his four month well check on Monday, so I will post his stats then!
Happy Weekend!

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Kyle and Marci said...

Don't they grow too fast! I wish they would stay small for just a little while longer.