Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 Weeks Old!

Trying to catch a smile!
Lane and Titus
Yesterday Lane turned 3 weeks old! Time is already flying by fast! Paul and I are slowly getting used to this whole parenting thing! Here are some things Lane can do at 3 weeks:
*Lift his head up...and hold it for a couple of seconds!
*Make eye contact with you
*Smile....and every once in a while giggle...mainly in his sleep!
*He is eating 3 oz. now
Last week at his two week check-up he weighed 8 lbs. and was 21 inches long! My little man is definitely growing by the day!
Yesterday Lane and I went to visit Stefanie and baby Titus! It was so cute to see the boys together! I'm sure that was the first of many future play dates! There was no "playing" yesterday...both boys just slept and ate!!

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Anonymous said...

How cute!!! Lane has his first friend! I'm sure they will have a lot of fun playing together as they get older! Can't wait to see you guys again!

"Great Aunt" Kelly!