Wednesday, December 28, 2016

{WDW Day 4} Magic Kingdom & A Pirates League

Saturday morning we were up early again for an ADR at Be Our Guest! It's a fairly new restaurant at Beasts' Castle in Magic Kingdom, and a pretty hard res to get! It was a double bonus because that meant that we got into Magic Kingdom before the park opened and got to snag some castle pics before the crowds showed up!

One room in the restaurant, was the rose room. It was a dark room, with the famous rose from Beauty and the Beast, as well as a picture of the beast that changed from man to beast when the rose petal fell! Pretty cool!

After breakfast we still had about 15 minutes before the park opened! We walked over to Seven Dwarfs to get in line (because we didn't have a fast pass for this ride), and much to our surprise the cast members were letting people with ADR's get on!! So we rode it with no wait!! Score!!! Another reason to try and score some early morning ADR's!! 
The ride is also fairly new, and was so fun! I love my sweet Levi's face!!

We were just hitting up some things we hadn't yet on this day. Our main thing was Pirate's League for that afternoon! I had set this up for the boys and they were so excited!! So after we rode, we walked around, met some characters, and then headed over to Pirates!

But not before this epic picture......

We kinda made him get on Big Thunder Mountain, and he was not too happy with us! He cried the whole line!! At least about 45 minutes!

I mean this is priceless!! We will be sharing this pic with his wife one day! But he rode it, and had a few smiles for us afterwards!!

Then it was time! This is very similar to the Bippity Boppity Boutique for girls, although, lots of girls were here too! They got to be made into mermaids!

You choose a package, choose a pirate name, then get made over!

Then you take a pirate oath!


After pirates league we were pretty much done with Magic Kingdom!! On our way out we hit the main parade they do! We grabbed seats and waited...

I love this parade!!

It was about 3:30 or so when we left Magic Kingdom. We took our last glimpses of the castle and said goodbye to Magic least for this trip!
Paul was eager to watch the Texas game, so we detoured over to ESPN Zone at the Boardwalk Resort, and caught the first half of the didn't turn out great, but we had fun!

We decided to take a boat ride from the Boardwalk to Epcot for just a few hours before calling it a day. We would be there on Monday, but wasn't sure if we'd stay all day there, so I was excited we'd get a chance to see it at night! We didn't stay too long, but did manage to catch a few rides and take it in at night!

Favorite thing from this day was Pirates League and Levi on Big Thunder!! Up next Hollywood Studios!!

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