Thursday, December 8, 2016

{WDW Day 2} Magic Kingdom

We kicked off our first of FIVE park days at Magic Kingdom!! MK had a Magic Hour that morning, so we were at the bus stop bright and early to take advantage of an extra hour before the park opened! 
I snapped this through the window.

Yes we took a stroller and yes it came in handy! Also, we weren't too sure about the weather, so we took a little of everything! We usually started and ended the day in long sleeves and light jackets.

Our very first castle sighting!

We headed straight for Tomorrowland and almost did the whole land before park opening! We did Buzz Lightyear, the Peoplemover, Astro Orbitor, the speedway, and even meet Buzz Lightyear!

We were the very first people to meet Buzz that day!

We hung around Tomorrowland even though we were done because we had early morning fast passes for Space Mountain! Going into this trip this was Lane's favorite he was pumped to ride it again! Levi still had no interest in this one!

After Space Mountain, we headed back to snap some family castle pictures!

Then made our way over to Adventureland. We climbed through the Swiss Family Treehouse, and then rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet!

Our next fast pass was for Pirates!

 After our ride, we were just in time for this cute little show with Jack Sparrow! Lane was chosen to participate, and I thought that Levi would lose it (as in start crying), but he held back those tears and cheered for Lane!

We grabbed lunch and then made our way over to Fantasyland for our last FP of the day, Peter Pan's Flight! 
On the way there however, we noticed that Splash Mountain's wait time wasn't too bad so we went to ride it! We *kinda* forced Levi kicking and screaming onto the ride (okay so not kicking...but really really crying)....and he cried the entire time we stood in line! After the ride he said he liked it, but also said he did not want to do it again! But he was so proud of himself for riding it!! This was not the last time there were tears shed over rides! But he always came off with smiles!!

The new part of Fantasyland is so pretty!

After Peter Pan, we walked right on It's a Small World! Again, no wait times!!! Crazy!

 Trying to pull the sword...

A little impromptu photo shoot at the back of the castle!

So the boys definitely did not have meeting princesses on their Disney agenda, but when we walked by the Princess Fairytale Hall and the wait was TEN minutes, I kindly said please let's go in, and they said ok! So, we met Cinderella and Princess Elena! Which technically I don't consider Elena a "Disney princess" but whatev!

The park was closing at 4:30 that day for a special event, so as we were heading out we spotted and met Merida! She was super cute and talked to the boys about her wild and silly little brothers!

On our way out we stopped on Main Street to grab some snacks! I opted for a Mickey gingerbread cookie, Paul a huge Mickey chocolate chip cookie, and Levi a Mickey rice crispie on a stick!

This was Levi on the bus back to our resort! Worn out!

We rested and freshened up for an hour or so, and then we made our way back to MK, hopped on the Monorail, and rode it to the Grand Floridian for our first character dinner, 1900 Park Fare! 
I had done a lot of research on character dinners, and almost everything I read had given this one rave reviews and said that boys would love it too! It had Cinderella, her two stepsisters, and her stepmother! The main focus was the step sisters! 

The stepsisters were hilarious and interacted so good with the boys! Lane laughed so hard with both of them! They did a great job!

We wrapped up dinner then made our way back to the hotel!

Our first park day was in the books and it was a great day! Low crowds, great weather, and we got so much done for only being there till 4.  
Next up...Animal Kingdom!!!

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