Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break Fun

Well we survived Spring Break!! My sister and nephew Brody came down to spend the week with us, so we pretty much took advantage of being with them!
The week started off with Six Flags!! My sister and aunt took the boys. I opted out because well, when you're 32 weeks preggers the thought of walking around a theme park is scary! They had a blast and Lane even rode the TITAN for the first time!!! I was sad I missed it but he was so excited and loved it!! I told him I'd ride it with his this summer!

Tuesday was my sister's birthday...the big 31...and since she is never here to celebrate with, the family took her out to Esparzas for some yummy Mexican food and margaritas!

Then one day we took the boys to an indoor swimming place. It was fun but still a bit cold if you ask me!

We hit up the movies...

That weekend Lane played in a baseball tourney, where they took home 2nd!

Sunday night we met up with the Jones' at a local hibachi place for a little family'birthday dinner! Claire and Lane both had birthdays within a few weeks of each other and we thought it would be fun to take them out! Our boys had never been to a hibachi place and ended up loving it!

Look at Levi's face!! He was a little unsure of the big fire!

It was busy and packed with activities but we sure did have a fun Spring Break! So glad my sis and Brody got to come to Texas!

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