Friday, August 6, 2010

A Little Weekend Getaway

This time last Friday, we packed up and headed down to one of my favorite places, San Antonio, for our first family vacation with just the three of us! I'll start by saying overall we had a great time. But I will also quickly say that I may have overestimated good ole Sea World! It was HOT(but we knew it would be)....and it was CROWDED (I'm talking extremely people!) I've been to alot of theme parks in my day, and it was like everyone in San Antonio was there! So number one lesson learned here: Do Not go to a Theme Park on a Saturday!! NeVeR!!! But aside from those two things, and aside from the occasional whine,. okay more than occasional whine from Lane...HA...we had a good time! Alot of it Lane couldn't do...but he loved seeing all the animals and he LOVED Shamu! It's all he talked about! So here we go...

Our first pic @ Sea World.

Daddy missed it b/c mommy forgot Lane's sunglasses and it was SO bright poor thing had his eyes shut, so daddy went on a sunglass run!

Visiting the sea lions

The Shamu Show! Lane kept telling him to jump higher!

Most of my indoor pics were to dark, so I didn't bother with posting them! But another fav of Lane's was the penguins!! He loved it so much we went through it twice!

Saturday night we went down to the river! Again, a totally different experience with an active two year old!!

A new favorite pic of Paul and Lane!! I edited it and LOVE this color!

The Riverwalk was so crowded!!! After about a 25 minute wait...not too bad to most but an eternity with a toddler, we were seated and enjoyed yummy Mexican food and not one but two margaritas!!!

Funny story...we got Lane this stuffed Shamu. He held it all the way home and kept saying "Shamu go swimming"...b/c after all that's what he did in the show! So we get back to the hotel and decide to go to the pool before dinner, and Lane wanted to take it with us. So we get down there...Paul's doing soemthing, I'm trying to get everything organized, and then before you know it...Lane throws Shamu into the pool and proudly says "Shamu go swimming"!! Good thinking but now we had a very soaked stuffed animal! So this pic is what Lane did once we got back to the room! So nice!

Paul and I were completly worn out by the time Saturday was over!!
Sunday was a new day! We got up bright and early to make it to the Cowboys 9:00 am practice! Since they were in town, how could we not go and see them! And plus, Lane also loves the Dallas Cowboys....he may have been more excited than his daddy! Anyway...we pull into park and what do you know...our luck just never stops (HA)....they inform us that this morning only the ROOKIES will be practicing! WHAT!?! I mean I don't even know who the rookies are!!  Paul's mom and stepdad drove up from Victoria to spend the day with we all decided to stay for a bit...then we left for the Market for some shopping and yes, more Mexican food and margaritas!! We had fun walking around....this was Lane being silly!

So after we were all tired and sleepy from lunch, we went back to the Alamo Dome for round number 2 with the Big Boys!!

Daddy and Lane

Theres Dez

Yea..we finally got to see the star players! Here's just a few.

Lane being silly...this is his new cheesy face!

After practice was over, we said goodbye to Paul's parents and went over to visit my bestie Arlette, who I have not seen since Lane was a baby! She is getting married early next year, so it was good to see her and do some wedding talk! After that we finally made our way home! It was a long, hot weekend but a great little getaway!

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