Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meet Brody

Posting live from Arizona!!! Brittany and Brody got discharged Friday night, so we packed up and headed home. Brody and Brittany are both doing great. Britt's still moving slowly, due to her c-section, but feeling better. Here are some pics of Brody over his first couple of days.

Me and Brody's first pic!
So cute!
The Stoke's leaving the hospital.
Going home! So cozy.
Sleeping all the time!
Theres those eyes! This was his outfit for his hospital pics!
He had a touch of jaundice, so he got some sun time today!
Getting his first bath by Grammie, and a smile! So sweet!
He actually liked his bath! No crying at all! I love this little monkey hoodie towel!
So little!

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Vanessa said...

Tara he is a little doll. What a handsome little devil!