Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Today Paul and I took Lane to the Pumpkin Patch in Flower Mound! Our good friends Stefanie and Zach and their kiddos, minus one, went with us! I was a little worried about how Lane would do. The past couple of days he has been fussy, irritable, and just wants to be held. Thinking he is about to cut another tooth but not to sure. Anyway, overall Lane did pretty good. He was fascinated by the hay, and it was pretty much the only thing keeping him from not crying, so we let him play with it! When it came to pictures, Lane was completly distracted!! He would NOT look up at the camera for nothing! So, I made do with what I got! It was a fun afternoon and hopefully this is the start of a family tradition!
I took alot of pictures so here are some I picked to share..enjoy!Family shot

Daddy and Lane

I had to get the Potter gang!

Lane and piglet

Lane, Paige, and Titus (not looking)

Camera is over here Lane!!

Me & Lane and Stefanie & Titus

Trying to get a shot

Still trying!! I just want to eat hay mom!

Too cute

Daddy eating kettle corn during the festivities!!

More hay!!

I love this pic...this pretty much sums up the day!

P.S. For a Texas fan, there is nothing sweeter than beating OU...and we DID!!!! What a game!

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Brandon and Kensie Shirack said...

Lane has THE sweetest can't help but smile when you see him!