Sunday, October 5, 2008

On the Go

Man this weekend flew by! We enjoyed some relaxing time on Saturday. Ran errands, picked up the house, watched Texas win, and spent time with Lane. Today, we spent the afternoon at my cousin's baseball tournament. It was cool this morning, so Lane got to wear his little Ranger hoodie for the first time, which he looked so cute in! He was so good at the game...played in his stroller, looked around, and of course spent time in everyone's lap! He loves to be outdoors so he had fun.Watching the game!
Smile for mommy!

Playing with Cooper

This past Wednesday Lane had his six month well check. He is a growing little weed. He weighed in at 18 lbs. even. He is 26 inches long. The doctor says he looks great and is right where is should be!
Paul and I are about to really have our hands full....Lane is in the beginning stages of crawling!! He loves to play with his toys so he is always on the floor playing. During the past two weeks or so he has just started to move all around! Paul calls it "army crawling" b/c he is pulling himself with his arms. But he can move and fast. So it won't be long before he figures out this whole crawling business!
It's so fun to watch him basically teach himself how to get around, yet at the same time I watch him and can't believe that he is moving around! It's just amazing how much babies change!
Well one six weeks is down...5 more to go! Even though I'm counting down the days until my next holiday, I really am enjoying school this year!
I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. We are taking Lane to a pumpkin patch, to Boo in the Zoo, and my mom is coming in town for Halloween!. I love this time of the year and having a kid now, even though he is too young to remember any of it, makes it so much more fun!

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