Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Fun

So today is Monday, the end of a four day weekend, and it's back to school tomorrow! This is the last holiday or break before the baby comes! This weekend was fun. Paul's family came in town. Holly and Coen also came up so we got to spend more time with little Coen, who is about 5 months now! He is already so big...but he is starting to "talk" more and smile. Paul even baby sat him! So the majority of the weekend was spent shopping and lounging around. We took Paul's family out to see our house for the first time. They have done so much to it! The brick and stone are up and they have dry walled the interior!! It's amazing how fast they are moving.I love how it's turning out!

-Writers strike needs to end NOW...I need my Brothers and Sisters!!
-It's been way too cold outside!
-Im getting big.
-We start our research paper unit this week....oh dear! PLEASE PRAY I MAKE IT!!

-Holly brought me a TON of baby clothes.
-The real Greenlee is back on AMC! Love her!

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