Friday, February 1, 2008

Childbirth Classes

So Paul and I have been going to childbirth classes for about a month now. I find them very helpful and enjoyable. I've learned about so many new and wonderful things that are going to soon be happening to me...yeah. While Paul sits there and giggles under his breath...he finds all this very gross!! Which I'm sure most men do! But nothing beats two hours a week of pregnancy talk...back aches, hemmorides, c-sections, labor....and such! I really have learned alot and feel like I am more educated on the wonderful world of pregnancy! And props to my awesome hubby who has been such a good sport! Even though he would never admit it, he has learned alot to!!

We are within about eight weeks till d-day!! (delivery) Time has seemed to fly by, however when I stop and say to myself "I have been pregnant since July"...than it seems like it's been a long time! I can't rememeber warm weather and I am dying to have my tan back!!! Oh well. I get more excited every day!!

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