Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Great Christmas!

Well Christmas has come and gone already! This year we were very busy! We celebrated with all of our family, in many locations across Texas!! So needless to say I am very happy to be home and relaxing. My mom got to come in, which was great. There was lots of gifts and lots of eating! It's amazing how much Lane is already loved by so many people! He got so many gifts this christmas and he isn't even here! He is going to be so spoiled! I started my third trimester this past Thursday. This part of the pregnancy I must admit is kind of scary. I feel like I am getting BIGGER daily!! I can see the end of the road ahead and I can't believe that in three months I am going to be a mom!! We still have so much to do, as far as moving in....and that is starting to get a tiny bit stressful! But we are going to hang in there and enjoy these last few months as two!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful hoilday and New Year!

-Christmas being over.
-School starting back up

-2008 is here!
-We got a camcorder!

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