Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Best Time of the Year

So as you can see, I did make little Lane a stocking. I just couldn't resist! He is here in a way...and yes Paul made fun of me a little bit! Get over it!! So we are a week away from x-mas break and I couldn't be more ready. Four and a half days of school left and they are going to be crazy I'm sure. My students and I both are in need of a break! I absloutely love this time of year...the decorations, the lights, the songs, the baking....all of it!! This month is flying by and I'm sure the last part of it will as well! So here's to slowing down this week and enjoying Christmas!

On other news, our house is making progress!! The frame is coming up!! YEA! I will post pictures as soon as I get out there to take them!

This week:

* To 'The Hills' ending (my guitly pleasure!)
* To still not getting all my x-mas shopping done.

*Beginning a great new book Nineteen Minutes
*My mom coming in on Friday
*Another week down in a, so far, healthy perfect pregnancy


Anonymous said...

I guess you figured it out, HOT MAMA!

Anonymous said...

Cute Blog. I can't wait for Lane and Titus to meet. I'm sure there will be many play dates!!!!