Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{The Force is Strong} Halloween 2016

This year my Star Wars obsessed boys wanted to be Captain Phamsa and Kylo Ren, so making Luke Yoda was a no brainer!
Every year, as soon as they get home from school they start begging to put on their costumes. I manned this photo session solo, so it wasn't great, but with three kids, one of which is a wiggly baby, it was hard! 
Here's my crew!

The force is strong with this crew!!

Halloween breakfast!


Baby's Frist!

We did not leave Gunner out of the Star Wars theme! He was BB8! I just couldn't wrangle him in the group pic!!

We met up with our neighbors pre trick or treating for pizza and piƱata fun!

Gotta have something for the kids to do while waiting for it to get dark or they will literally go crazy!

Our trick-or-treating crew!

Luke did so good! He took a bottle right as we started trick-or-treating and then just sat in his carseat watching and taking it all in! He stayed up the entire time without making a peep!

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