Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break

Spring Break came and went fast. This year we had no fun plans, whomp whomp, but we did have a good, "un" busy, low key week at home. Here's what we did...
We met friends for lunch and then went to the bounce house!

We played with sand...
We went to the park on like the only nice day we had all week...

We rode our bikes one morning and the boys decided they wanted to shovel all the left over sand from the sand trucks...

 and then we ended the week here.....buying me a new car!!

Can you tell the boys were thrilled about being there so long!?!

 I got a new Acadia Denali...and I love it!

For being such good sports at the dealership, we went to Chuck E. Cheese afterwards! This speedway was new and a BIG hit with the boys!!

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