Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reading Challenge: Month 2

Last year I tried blogging every book I read, and while I kept it up for a little bit, I eventually stopped. So this year I thought I would do a review at the end of each month talking about the books I read that month! This year my goal is 25 books!.
So what did I read in February!?!
February brought books 3-6! FOUR books this past month, it may seem like alot but our Mexico trip really aided in that! I can put down some serious books on a plane and a beach!

The Girl on the Train.....This book has been everywhere and has been dubbed the next Gone Girl. So I picked it up at Costco and read it quickly because of the way it was written. It was definitely a suspenseful read. Not near as crazy or gruesome as Gone Girl but good with a nice twist at the end!!

The Shock of the Fall....I picked this one up on a whim at Target based on the summary.  It deals with brothers, mental illness, and a tragic death. The narrator is a 19 year old boy with mental illness, so the way its written is fast and jumpy, which makes it hard to get into but its interesting to think that that is exactly how a mind of that nature works. Interesting story, not for everyone, not sure that I would recommend it to all.

We were liars....Read this day one of our trip. It was on almost every YA Books of the Year for 2014 and I had it on my "to read" list all last year, but for whatever reason never got to it.  Our of the group, my favorite hand down. It tells the story of the very wealthy Sinclair family though the eyes of teens...each summer they escape to their own island  and the story focuses on one particular summer. It's so so good!! I love YA novels, but this one I think anyone could enjoy!
The Vacationers....I also read this one on the trip. The cover, the title, the summary...all made it a perfect pick for the beach! Again, it follows a family, the Posts, who escape off to an island for this one summer, and all the drama that ensues! It was good, not great, but worth the read!
Six down at the start of the third month, not bad!! If you have read any of these, please leave me your thoughts!!! The only thing better than reading the actual books is when you can talk about them, right!?!

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