Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Coen

I realized tonight while looking through pics, I never posted about our qick trip down to Houston a couple of weekends ago for my nephew Coen's 3rd birthday party!! So I am playing catch up!
Like I said we took a very fast and furious trip to Houston. This was Lane for most of the trip down! He does so well on trips...he watches movies over and over and then he does this! Oh and those head sets are wonderful!! I can only take hearing Buzz and Woody so much!
We got there almost right as the party was about to begin. It was at Jumpin Jungle, and I knew that Lane would have a blast there seeing how he loves to jump!! We had a private room with four huge inflatable jumpers. This one had a slide.
I'm pretty sure he liked it!!
And another had an obstacle course
Daddy had a little fun as well!
Then Lane found this one. A jumper complete with two basketball goals inside. He was in heaven and did not leave that one for the rest of the time!!
After jumping he went into another room for cake and is the birthday boy!
That night we all went back to Holly's. Here are the boys on tricycles. I think its funny that Lane wanted to wear a helmet!!

Then Holly had a pinata for the little ones...mainly Lane, Coen and some neighborhood friends. Uncle Taylor got it ready...
And Lane wasted no time taking a swing!! He was like an old pro!!

And he also wasted no time getting candy! HA!

We ended the night in a swanky Houston hotel..thanks Andy for the hook-up...but unfortunately did  not take one pic there! Oh well...we had a great time and was glad we were able to make it down!

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