Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ice Days!

Last weekend was super low were cancelled, no practices, and lots of at home time! Then late Sunday night we got a good amount of ice which made schools shut down for two days! Also we have had every practice,game/tournament for this week and weekend cancelled, so it's been a nice change of pace this week. Every once in a while these types of weeks are good to keeps us indoors, with one another, and just gives us time to slow down!
Anyway, with the ice storm came a day off for daddy which meant lots of outside ice fun!! Our neighbor had a for real sled and they kids had a blast! It was a bit too cold for Levi so he didn't last long!

We also had fun indoors....lots of bubble baths!

Lots of ipad playing...

A little keyboard practicing on my computer...

Lots of game playing

Paul whooped me in Scrabble!

After two days inside, we braved the roads and met up with our favorite girls for some lunch and play time!! 

It was back to school Wednesday, but it was a good "break"!

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Renae said...

I'm with you I sort of love the ice/ snow days..extra time at home with your family is good. My kids were kind of ready to get back to school last Wednesday as well.