Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hello again!

We're still here, I promise! Just keeping busy. We spent this past weekend in Waco visiting family and friends. It was nice to get away for a bit. Not a whole lot new going on. We are very close to having our first tooth! A tiny piece has broken through his gum. I would like to get a pic of it, but I'm pretty certain thats not going to happen anytime soon! Any time anything goes in his mouth he shuts it!

Fall is finally here! I love this season! I can't wait for the cool days to come. I have been buying Lane man some cute long sleeve clothes! I am now in the process of deciding what I want Lane to be for Halloween...early I know!! But hey, it's never to early to start thinking!

Here is my sweet boy with his sweet smile!! We have all been a little extra happy.....both the Longhorns and the Cowboys are 3-0!!!!!! Let's keep it up boys!!

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Suzanne Renee said...

So glad you found me! Lane could not be more precious- I am so excited about for you and Paul!!