Monday, March 17, 2008

Things are Changing...

Well, two things are official now....1- We are in our new home!!! We got moved in and have been working on unpacking and "settling" into the house. We got Lane's nursery completely ready for him! Thanks to the help of family, we got it done pretty quick. I did as much as I could, but Paul took the brunt of the move! Poor thing, putting together SO many things!! Everything looks great and I am so excited to be here in our first home together!

2nd official thing...I am done working!!! At least until May 26th! Friday was my last day at school. It was very wierd to say goodbye to the kids and "leave them in someone else's hands". Even though I may complain every so often, they are my kiddos and I will miss them! Okay well some more than others! But right now I owe all my attention to my own little one who still has not made it into this world!!

I am 38 weeks and 4 days. I went to the doctor on Friday and still no progress made. Everything looks good though, so no worries, just waiting on when he wants to come out! Honestly, it would be good if he would give Paul and I a week to rest up, but I am very anxious for him to come. So we will just keep waiting!

Hope everyone is having or has had a great Spring Break! Keep me in your thoughts as labor nears that I make it through!! Here are some pics of the house, hope you enjoy!! Oh and... HAPPY ST. PACTRICK'S DAY!!!!

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